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Auctioneer addon for WoW 6.2.2

Auctioneer Suite is a user modification for World of Warcraft, which provides player powerful set of tools and necessary data for the most effective playing at ingame auction. Addition will help you to take decision about what amount and for what price to sell or how to buy more efficient. Auctioneer Suite gives user proved tools for any variants of buying and selling, so the player can spend more time playing with his character, not spending time at the auction. If you spend little time with it, you will see that Auctioneer Suite is not just addition for auction, it also provides a deep analysis of information for all items that can be sold in game: beginning from quest items and ending by profession reagents.

Main features (Part 5)

Shaman: Shamans have the whole arsenal of weapon including totems and spells, which are casted to group members. In the first set Shamans will be able to use such maps as Chain Lightning, Earthbind Totem, Ghost Wolf, Purge, Windfury Totem and Frost Shock.

Main features (Part 4)

Priest: Priests of Azeroth can be representatives of different races and beliefs, but all of them have powerful healing abilities. Those who trend to the darkness have a great power to erase faces, but those who specialize on holy aspirations, become great healers. In the first set Priests will have access to attack, defensive and useful maps, including Dispel Magic, Flash Heal, Mind Blast, Mind Control, Prayer of Healing, Psychic and Shadowform.