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New mode in update 6.2.2

With update 6.2.2 in game appeared Mercenary Mode, which allows players to fight at battlefields as a member of enemy fraction, if they need a warrior. To turn on this mode you have to address to one of four Ashran recruiters, which are named after “head hunters”, Blizzard employees, who hire new people in company.

Some useful tips for you

For the end of Mists of Pandaria the volume of game texts in World of Warcraft were more than 6 million words, and now even more. The greater part of these texts is in greeting phrases of traders, class teachers, flight stewards, friends who give you the tasks and other game characters.

Funny chars and their pets

If you are tired of endless battles in Ashran and headed wandering the distant corners of these locations, on empty eastern seacoast (coordinates 80,60) you may find Brian Holinka and Chris Kaleiki on a bid mushroom’s head.