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16.02.2019 BY Basil

fast delivery indeed

13.02.2019 BY Jane

great work guys. 10 min got my order.

10.02.2019 BY Water


07.02.2019 BY Andrew

Fast service, thanks.

03.02.2019 BY Punky

Took a bit longer than expected (since my order was rather big) but I was given extra for it. Overall pretty happy with the purchase! :3

01.02.2019 BY Jake

I r8 8/8

22.10.2018 BY EGGiga

Fast and cheap! :D

19.10.2018 BY Joseph G.

Thanks for the service

15.10.2018 BY Sasha

awesome! really fast delivety

12.10.2018 BY Phantom

Real nice service.

10.10.2018 BY Frank Y.

great price and good service. thanks guys

07.10.2018 BY Tory N.

ty guys

04.10.2018 BY Basil Norn

Better and better every time. First time waited 20 min, second 10 min and the 3rd time in 2-3 min got the gold. Thanks.

01.10.2018 BY Mona

Good service, fast delivery. Thank you

27.09.2018 BY Mike

Real nice guys, very polite.