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Interesting facts about WOW

Starting from update 6.2, players have an opportunity to put their pets on knees flattering them during hours enjoying the peace and cosines. You have to choose your amazing pet in goal for that and enter in game chat the command “/sit” - than your character will sit down on the ground and the pet will take a jump on him and will lie down to have a rest.

Something new in World of Warcraft

On Gamescom is announced the sixth addition to World of Warcraft, which is called Legion. There the players again will collide to Illidan and will travel to new islands, where begins the biggest invasion of demons in Azerot's history. In Legion will also be added 10 pumping levels, all heroes will get new abilities, and also will appear absolutely new class — demon hunter, which immediately gets to islands, passing previous additions. In contrast to other classes demon hunter will have only two specializations – tank and attacking fighter.

Preview World of Warcraft: Legion

Returning of Illidan, the twelfth game class, pumping weapon and other novelties of World of Warcraft: Legion

One of the main announces of gamescom exhibition — Legion, one more chapter in World of Warcraft history. In hot pursuit of presentations and streams of Blizzard, we have prepared a list of the most important novelties of the sixth game addition.