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Details on the Legion Invasions

PcGamesN talked with Jeremy Feasel, who revealed a few things about the upcoming demon invasions.

We have already seen a preview of the demon invasion via an official blog post and now it's time to learn some details on their schedule. Game designer Jeremy Feasel explained to PcGamesN that the invasion forces will feel like an RTS army: they will have their own barracks, portals, defensive structures and troops. The scale of these events will be much larger than the past pre-expansion events.

As far as the timeline of these invasions is concerned, during the first week they will only occur every four hours in a couple of zones. This will increase by 300% every week for two weeks until everything is under attack all the time, meaning that in the second week there will an invasion every hours across six zones and then there will always be an invasion up in all of the affected zones.