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Main features (Part 3)

Hunter: Hunters are deadly shooters, which have special connection to animals of AZEROTH. Hunters have access to Aimed Shot, Aspect of the Hawk, Multi-Shot, Rapid Fire. In the first set of WOW hunters will have four pets, in next ones –there will be much more.

Mage: Mages are masters of dark arts, which possess spells, which have powerful direct effects, and also the spells which attach a certain area. So they are able to cripple a lot of enemies at the same time. In the first set they will be able to attack with such maps as Fire Blast, Frostboit, Flamestrike and Pyroblast. Mages are able to use such trick as Blink, Counterspell, Frost Nova and Polymorph, to survive their enemies despite the fewer amounts of health points at the start.

Paladin: Paladins are Light followers – strong fighters and reliable connoisseurs. Irresistible desire to justness makes them staunch defenders of Alliance. Paladins are very strong as heroes or defenders of your group. Paladins have great attack abilities, thanks to such maps as Blessing of Might, Hummer of Justice and Retribution Aura, and also good protection abilities, thanks to such maps as Blessing of Protection, Cleanse, Devotion Aura and Divine Shield.

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