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Main features (Part 2)

Specialization of talent: Each hero has specialization of talent, which is indicated at special string of hero’s map.

Professions: Each hero has two professions, which will be very useful in future additions World of Warcraft. Future sets will contain such maps as: Glimmering Mithril Insignia for Blacksmiths and Smoking Heart of the Mountain for Enchanters.

Races: In future additions Worlds of Warcraft will appear maps, which will be able to use only representatives of certain races. For example Undead will have Cannibalize.

Classes: There all nine classes.

Druid:  Druids are keepers of natural peace in the world. They may turn into different animals. They use the powers of nature for elimination the damage from their allies and causing damage to their enemies. Druids possess strong spells which help themselves and their friends. For example Mark of the Wind and Innervate. In the first WOW set Druids will be able to transform into a bear.

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