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Main features (Part 1)

What can do the hero in World of Warcraft is determined by his main features. Each hero is characterized by five such features: fraction, special talents, profession, race and class.

Fraction: Now there is weak peace between Horde and Alliance. Opened war is finished, but hostility hasn’t gone anywhere, that’s why between these two fractions very often happen skirmishes.

Alliance: There are four races in Alliance: humans of Stormwind, night elves of Darnassus, dwarves of Ironforge and gnomes, which are forced to run away from their sacred town Gnomeregan. They are related by ties of faithfulness, which begin from The Second War, when they fought side by side to defeat the Horde. Except this will appear draenei.

Horde: On the eve of the Second War and flight to Kalimdor the races of new Horde united headed by Warchief Thrall. Horde includes bloodthirsty orcs, Trolls from tribe Darkspear Trolls, noble tauren and Forsaken, which escaped from the power of Lich King. Also will appear blood elves.

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